University of Sunderland Apprenticeships 2018
Everything successfully raised awareness of the University of Sunderland Apprenticeships campaign to thousands of businesses in the North East and London, positioning the university as a prime source of information, support and delivery for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships for employers.

Our task was to create an overarching promotional package for University of Sunderland with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of students on Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships and to inform levy paying local business about the university’s offer.

Working collaboratively with University of Sunderland, we came up with the message ‘Build your A-Team’ which highlights the offering as both apprenticeships and higher level degree standard, setting the Apprenticeships offering as one of the most elite in the country.

A second stage was the delivery of a bespoke multi-channel PR and advertising campaign where messaging was further developed for a diverse range of business audiences. Further developing the over-arching higher and degree apprenticeships brand house style, print and digital campaign adverts were created for publication in The Journal, Sunderland Echo, Contact magazine, NE Times, BQ2, LinkedIn and Google ads.

Campaign messaging was of key importance to further enthuse the audience, with a strapline employed that not only informed the audience of the practical benefits of partnering with University of Sunderland but also engaged them emotionally. The campaign was successful in positioning the University of Sunderland as a leading authority on higher and degree apprenticeships.

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“We asked Everything to create a full suite of materials to promote our degree apprenticeships. They got under the skin of the offer, taking time to understand what is a complex area. Their design solution was clean, focussed and professional – they’re a pleasure to work with.”

Andy Atkinson, Head of Brand and Client Marketing, University of Sunderland

Photography: Mark Slater