Everything challenges the myths around sexual violence
Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland provide free, safe, and professional support for women and girls who have experienced sexual violence.

Everything helped increase the visibility of their brand by adjusting the brand identity, redefining the brand values, and aligning them with a strategic campaign focus.

We are still here for you
Covid-19 brought the challenge that many survivors of sexual violence were not able to have face-to-face support. We created a simple and engaging animation to reassure women and girls in Tyneside and Northumberland that vital help and support was still available via an easy-to-use online counselling service.

Animation by Chloe Rodham

Rape happens at every age
There is a false belief that rape survivors are usually young women, attacked by strangers. This is not the case and many women over 60 experience sexual violence. Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland worked with pioneering researcher Hannah Bows to conduct one of the first studies into the sexual violence that is happening to older women in places familiar to them such as their home or care home. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of this hidden issue.