Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland
Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland provide free, safe and professional support for women and girls who have experienced sexual violence. Everything helped Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland go through a period of change by adjusting the brand identity, redefining the brand values and aligning them with a strategic marketing focus.

Particular care was taken to stay true to the sensitive nature of the subject and present Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland in a warm yet impactful way. We defined a new visual style, refreshing the identity to create a new colour palette while employing stronger, more effective messaging.

We created the brand identity, brand guidelines, iconography and various printed materials with an overall feel that conveyed trust and became a haven of protection and reassurance that reveals an organisation that is professional and supportive. The arc-like roof reaches over the type as a symbolic device to demonstrate these qualities.

An advertising campaign was also created where we asked the general public to donate just £1 to go towards ensuring that Rape Crisis could continue to offer free counselling sessions to survivors. The campaign was a huge success and the target was reached meaning that more women could be helped and supported over the nest seven years.

If you’re a like-minded organisation working to tackle stigma and explode myths around sexual violence we’d love to chat about how Everything could help.
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