Engineering the future
Patrick Parsons are a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy with a global reach and are at the forefront of innovation in the industry. To coincide with a period of dynamic growth Everything were commissioned to reposition the brand and refresh the styling to encompass the drive and vision of the growing company.

Beginning with an extensive discovery phase including auditing, client and staff surveying and a number of visioning exercises we were able to produce a new and dynamic focus for Patrick Parsons.

Everything then defined a new services list for Patrick Parsons. All of the services were already being delivered by the company but many clients were unaware of the diversity of Patrick Parsons’ offering. To raise awareness of the services we created a simple coloured system, which allowed new and lesser-known services to gain equal positioning alongside more established ones.

A new website was built which featured an innovative and dynamic user experience, utilising animation, movement and fluidity to truly encompass and reflect the innovation and authority of Patrick Parsons as a world-leading consultancy. Photography and videography was commissioned showcasing the passionate people at the heart of the company. Printed collateral was also updated in the new styling giving a more representative suite of items, which with which to raise awareness of their award-winning expertise, vision and mission. View the site at

Printed collateral was also refreshed in the new contemporary styling where again, the new services list is featured prominently. A mix of modern and classic typography was used symbolising the full service offering that Patrick Parsons deliver.

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Photography: Mark Slater
Video: Second Draft
Website build: Alan McDonald