Everything discovers hidden voices
‘Missing Pieces’ is a unique and captivating exhibition exploring the Homeless History of Newcastle and wider issues around homelessness in Britain.

The exhibition brings Crisis Skylight members who have experienced homelessness together with project lead and historian Kristopher McKie and museum curator David Wright in the search for stories and evidence from the city’s past.

Making a change
The exhibition features rarely seen documents and photographs from local archives as well as personal stories from past and present to find out what history can tell us.

‘Missing Pieces’ took place across five iconic venues in Newcastle City Centre including City Library, Laing Gallery, Discovery Museum, Bessie Surtees House, and St Nicholas’ Cathedral.

Homelessness in the community
Each venue in the exhibition focused on a different discussion around homelessness such as ‘community’, ‘experiences’ and ‘fragments’. To highlight this each venue was given its own colour scheme to clearly identify each narrative. This was then incorporated into the exhibition interpretation, with each site having its own unique focus and personality while still sharing a clear narrative thread with the overarching exhibition.

The exhibition was met with both regional and national acclaim. The project gained a substantial amount of press coverage from local newspapers, academic journals, local historians, and bloggers including being featured on ITV news. Footfall for the exhibition at city library was estimated at 100,000 visitors.