High Bridge Works – A collaboration between Altogether and Everything
High Bridge Works has been home to pioneering artists, inventors and entrepreneurs since 1767. Working in collaboration with Altogether, our challenge was to create a name and identity that appeals to existing studio holders as well as a wider audience visiting the new contemporary gallery on the premises.

We were fascinated to learn about the building’s illustrious history and understand more about its past. Originally named High Bridge Works, it began to blaze a trail for innovation and creativity. From hydroelectric inventions for Lord Armstrong to life as a printing press, the building has a truly creative legacy.

To celebrate this heritage, High Bridge Works stood out as a name with real meaning and authenticity, honouring this creative space and celebrating the next phase of its journey. The new name highlights the legacy of all the remarkable makers, creators and thinkers who have worked there over the past 254 years.

The identity uses contrasting typography, with the serif typeface nodding to the studios’ past life as a printing press combined with a san serif to represent the present day and current individuals and organisations who call High Bridge Works home. It has an eclectic and handcrafted style, communicating the creative ethos that runs through the building.

Inspired by authentic heritage signage visible in the foyer walkway, the identity truly connects the past with the present.

The website is built in WordPress which has the potential to evolve and grow in the future along with the building. The site is used to share information about studio vacancies, events, exhibitions and more and also includes a section based around the history and heritage of High Bridge Works and High Bridge itself, Newcastle’s most eclectic street of independent retailers.