Building digital skills to end homelessness
Get Digital Scotland is a brand new digital inclusion programme resourcing the digital capability of Scotland’s homelessness sector. Get Digital Scotland offers training, support and tools to improve quality of life for those involved in homelessness, whether staff, service users or volunteers. Funded by the Scottish government and ran by Streetwork and Simon Community Scotland with the goal of building digital skills to end homelessness.

Everything were delighted to collaborate with Streetwork and Simon Community Scotland to create a strong brand proposition for their then unnamed digital inclusion project which was still in its infancy. While the project leads strategically planned the programme launch, Everything were first tasked with naming the project.

Following an extensive period of discovery which included consultation with many project stakeholders, Everything worked to generate an expressive, inclusive and exciting name for the project. After much discussion, testing and refining, Get Digital Scotland was chosen as the name perfectly embodied the spirit, drive and purpose of the project.

After the project name was finalised we began to create a visual identity which could succinctly and instantaneously communicate the values of the initiative to a broad audience that included government ministers, nationwide charitable organisations, charity service users, people with experiences of homelessness, national press and the Scottish public.

“Everything have provided Get Digital Scotland with a visual identity, a website and a selection of marketing materials that we are extremely proud of. They have brought our ideas to life and given us a platform to reach out across the country to the people we support. Their friendly and professional team have delivered the project on time and within budget. They have gone above and beyond what was asked of them to deliver exception work. Highly recommended.”

Jamie Trout
Digital Inclusion Programme Manager

Building skills together
The foundation of the brand identity is a series of diverse and vibrant ‘building blocks’. These symbolically represent the community of Scotland’s homelessness sector in ‘building skills together’ with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness. The identity utilises strong typography and a bold palette of colours which can be applied flexibly so the brand can be used creatively and flexibly in a broad range of situations.

An illustrative style was created to further define and enhance the vision and values of Get Digital. Hands and objects are used alongside tailored messaging to create a visual language that encourages the audience to get involved, take ownership and ‘grab the tools to succeed’.

The website further enhanced the energy and purpose of the pioneering digital inclusion programme. The site functions as a key resource for Get Digital Scotland that signposts the strategic aims and vision for the project and encourages visitors to get involved and take action while still being accessible and user friendly.

Get Digital Scotland launched in Edinburgh on 7 March 2019. After an energetic and enthusiastic response to the launch (including a flurry of social media and press support across Scotland), Get Digital will continue its vital work to engage, inform and inspire the homelessness sector with a digital inclusion programme that has the tools, passion and potential to be genuinely life changing.

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