Everything helps you make and keep friends
Friendkit is a fun and innovative new toolkit and training resource that helps people with learning disabilities make new friends and keep them.

Everything created the Friendkit brand identity and styling which includes five training programmes, each with a different focus, alongside a website and packaging.

Bringing Friendkit to life
Brand mascots were created and introduced as ambassadors of Friendkit. The four mascots are fun, mischievous, charming, friendly, and supportive; traits present in many good friendships.

Plan B
A board game was fully designed to help explore and overcome all the trials and tribulations of getting out and meeting friends. The game is based on real-life experiences and is a great way to learn about making and keeping healthy friendships.

Creating type with personality
To further enhance the overarching styling of Friendkit, a bespoke typeface was designed and built. The typeface utilises three alternative weights which allows the look and feel to be flexible, warm, and friendly.

Due to Covid-19 the training cannot currently be delivered, but the Friendkit team are in talks with the NHS and Mencap amongst others about rolling out the Friendkit franchise across the UK, potentially helping millions of people in the process.

For more information go to friendkit.co.uk