A groundbreaking way to make and keep friends
Friendkit is a fun and innovative new toolkit that helps people with learning disabilities make new friends and keep them.

Research shows that having friends and being involved in community life can help reduce the devastating effects of loneliness and isolation. The toolkit was developed to combat this issue via a bespoke training solution for people with learning difficulties.

Developing a life-changing solution
Through a series of workshops, research and testing, Everything suggested creating a digital toolkit that can be purchased by healthcare professionals and organisations to facilitate workshops. The toolkit comes in five training programmes, each with a different key focus.

Bringing Friendkit to life
Along with the brand identity we created brand mascots who are the ambassadors of Friendkit. Our research found that using characters with human characteristics would be something people of all ages could relate to.

The four mascots are fun, mischievous, charming, friendly and supportive; traits present in many good friendships.

Creating type with personality
A typeface was created to further enhance the overarching styling of Friendkit. The typeface utilises three variations of each character which allows the look and feel to be flexible and also gives the toolkit a warm and friendly personality.

Coming later in the year is Plan B which includes a cool and fun game that everyone will enjoy. For more information about Friendkit go to friendkit.co.uk

If you're a charity thinking about a change get in touch 0191 308 1822 or hello@everything-studio.co.uk