Delivered by The Old Boat House
Delivered by The Old Boat House continues our long-standing relationship with The Old Boat House Food Group. This new food delivery service offers award winning, restaurant quality food delivered to your door. The menu includes fresh seafood, culinary classics and authentic Italian flavours with a Northumberland twist.

To launch the new and unique service for Northumberland, Everything created the full brand package for Delivered by The Old Boat House including brand naming, marketing strategy and campaign, visual personality, website, printed materials and packaging.

After testing a number of names while exploring graphical concepts for the service, Delivered by The Old Boat House was decided upon and an identity created. The logo is inspired by a clock face, symbolically working around the clock to deliver to you.

A unique colour palette was devised where colours were named after the foods their tones resembled. This gives the colours used a tangible and appetising feel that is sensory and appealing.

The use of stickers and stamps on packaging offers a fun, inventive yet practical way of promoting the service while allowing it to stand out in a competitive food delivery marketplace as a high quality service that has personality, authenticity and charm.

To receive and fulfil orders, Everything designed and built a fully custom build e-commerce portal. Powered by Wordpress for ease of client use, the site offers both an excellent streamlined user ordering experience as well as a simple, intuitive dashboard for the restaurant kitchen to receive and fulfil orders with ease.

Bespoke food photography was also commissioned to further enhance the premium feel of the service and products which gives the visitor confidence and assurance that Delivered by The Old Boat House offer only the most exceptional quality food and service.

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Website build: Mark Renwick
Food photography: Dee Chaneva