Everything is a graphic design agency from Newcastle upon Tyne specialising in branding for arts and culture, commercial and third sector clients.

Everything is different
We are not your typical agency and we don’t want to be. We are happy being ourselves. We’re talented and driven individuals who know that working together makes us stronger in creating incredible work.

We are a purposely small team where the size of the budget isn’t our top priority. We don’t say yes to a project unless we know we can commit ourselves whole-heartedly and deliver with passion and enthusiasm.

Every project is different and brings its own challenges. We adapt our style of working to suit the needs of the project. This ensures that what we create is unique to you in its look, feel and personality.

Everything is empathetic
We work with clients who want to make the world a better place. That means that we need to be sensitive to your cause.

And it’s by being sensitive that we are helping our clients to free people from loneliness, tackle climate change, end homelessness and child poverty, protect the world’s most endangered species and fight inequality, sexual violence and discrimination.

Through our empathy and understanding we can get to the heart of what you do, what your audiences want and empower you to make a difference.

Everything is fearless
We are brave in our actions and courageous in our thinking. We understand the pressures and challenges we all face in business and in life.

We aren’t afraid to take risks when we can prove that they’ll pay off or to challenge our clients, our peers and most importantly ourselves.

We have ethics and principles that are important to us. We only work with individuals and organisations we believe in. This allows us to be confident in what we do and take risks that create impact.

Everything is obsessive
We love what we do and we aren’t shy or embarrassed to say that. We are creative thinkers and care deeply about the work we produce, people we work with and the challenges they face.

We are ambitious and determined to make a success of every project and we aim to make every new project the best work we have ever done.

It is this obsessive nature that drives us to go the extra mile to find out everything about you and your audience and how we can make you better.

Everything: Strives to end child poverty. Builds digital skills to end homelessness. Creates future leaders. Help unheard voices tell their stories. Challenge myths around sexual violence. Move people through film. Uncover hidden stories around homelessness. Empower people to make and keep friends. Protect the world’s most endangered species. Support artists to create global careers. Nurture inclusive communities around live music. Champion innovative conversations around the future of healthcare.

How we work
—We like to keep things simple.
—We work hard to understand your company but most importantly, your audience.
—Our focus is thoughtful and we find a way to make you stand out in your marketplace.
—We produce work that is designed to function across many applications – physical, digital and geographical.
—We care about high quality production and execution.
—We deliver on time and within budget.
—We evaluate the finished project with the aim to continuously improve.

Ways we can help you
—Beautiful print, exhibition and editorial design that has heart and purpose
—Bold brands with a strategic focus that stand the test of time
—Campaigns created with sensitivity and delivered with maximum impact
—Digital and online communications that communicates across platforms
—Animation, moving image and motion graphics that bring your work to life

How to get in touch
You will enjoy working with us just as our current clients do. In fact 80% of our work comes from referrals and repeat work, proving that we care about creating lasting relationships.

If we sound like an agency that you could work with or if you’d like to speak to us about a commission, collaboration, future project or any other query, we welcome your enquiry. Feel free to get in touch with us via email at hello@everything-studio.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)191 308 1822.