Paul Moss

Paul Moss

Everything are mourning the loss of our client Paul Moss.

Paul Moss was an artist, curator, and co-founder of Workplace and Workplace Foundation. He died on 14 February 2019 due to complications arising from Wiskott – Aldrich syndrome.

Paul’s funeral took place on 28 February in Saltwell Crematorium, Gateshead, and afterwards people were invited to Workplace Gallery for a Memorial. As part of this, co-founder Miles Thurlow and Matt Stokes had curated an impromptu solo exhibition of Paul’s work focussed around three of his ‘Danger Paintings’ shown at his solo exhibition ‘Push Me, Pull Me’ at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in 2004.

The funeral and memorial were both full to capacity and celebratory in nature, and Paul remains a central figure to our community in the North of England.

Workplace have decided to reschedule their programme and continue to present Paul’s work throughout their current exhibition slot. Workplace are encouraging visitors to attend the exhibition and spend time in the gallery where there is tea or coffee and cakes, have a look at his work and you are welcome to write in the condolence book that will be given to his family afterwards.

Our thoughts go out to all of those who knew Paul and of course Paul’s family, Cecilia and children.

Read more about Paul from his business partner and closest friend, Miles