Oxford AHSN Excellence in heart failure

Oxford AHSN is an innovation exchange transforming clinical practice, improving patient safety, outcomes and experience, and generating economic growth through collaboration between the NHS, industry and universities.

At the start of 2020 we were commissioned to work on an implementation toolkit that describes the steps required to plan and implement ‘Excellence in heart failure’, a methodology for optimising medication in heart failure patients.

Unfortunately when travelling down to Oxford to meet stakeholders, the country was placed into lockdown, meaning that the project was delayed for over a year while Oxford AHSN diverted their much valued expertise into response work to the Covid-19 crisis. Thankfully the project was resumed over the summer of 2021 and it has been an absolute pleasure working on such a high profile project that can help save lives. The interactive toolkit focuses on medicines optimisation which has been shown to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients. 

We implemented a simple style that helped highlight key information quickly and succinctly including charts, graphics and impact statistics. Vectors representing blood flow were created to provide a graphical backdrop throughout the toolkit and show the relationship between patients and project managers.

Working closely with Oxford AHSN, Everything have created a visually engaging and highly functional toolkit that will now be distributed throughout the healthcare sectors, with an aim of creating myriad positive outcomes across the UK.