Our story

Our story of how we became Everything

Welcome to our new website. To coincide with the new era of Everything, our Creative Director Mickey Devine sheds some light on the foundations of the agency and how we have evolved to become Everything.

Our story

Almost five years ago my co-founder, Mark and I decided to take a plunge into the unknown and begin a new agency – doing our own thing.

We both come from very different professional backgrounds. I had worked as a graphic designer at various different agencies around the country, from a world-wide known agency to a team of two and all things in between, and Mark had worked for ten years in senior retail management and more recently in a marketing and management role for a student accommodation company, shortly after achieving a masters degree in journalism.

Our idea was quite simple. Mark would do the words. I would do the pictures.

We began by writing a business plan. Mark and I would meet once or twice a week and thrash out all of the questions, giving each other homework tasks until we were fully confident that we could create and maintain a successful agency of some sort.

That first year it was impossible to actually call ourselves an agency. We produced some great work but as people new to business, working from a spare bedroom, with a website without any work on it, a phone that never rang and a very short list of clients and contacts – it was incredibly tough. Our biggest source of income from year one was ‘freelance’ which tells you something. But we had to do that to survive, and we did – just.

A year later, we moved into a studio in Commercial Union House. It previously belonged to a textile artist and we gutted the place into something that felt like us. We won our first pitch (Game On 2.0) which ended up being a huge project and then things seemed to gather pace after that.

Last year we hired our first employee which was a huge step for us. At first, it completely changed the dynamic of the agency. I had to delegate tasks, had twice as much work to do, more project management, writing briefs, along with design and direction but once we became used to it, it started to feel great.

Last year, we also moved into BALTIC 39 on High Bridge which must be the most desirable studio space in Newcastle City Centre in our opinion. Our space is more than twice as big as what we previously had and it allows us room to think about how we can continue to evolve, adapt and grow in the future.

We have gone from designing friends of friends logos to working with national and international names and we are continuing to get better and better. Each project is the best we have ever produced and that is an incredible achievement and a wonderful thing to be able to say.


Over the past 12 months we have done a lot of growing up. We have integrated project management processes and procedures into our daily routine, we have time sheets, a financial controller who pushes us regularly, we have delved into business strategy and utilised Generator and Digital Union for their mentoring scheme, we have done design talks, workshops and various other things which has helped us to begin thinking about where we want to be as a business with a long term longevity.

We tallied up all of the different types of projects that we had worked on over the past 12 months and we were shocked to find out that there was quite an even split between all things design, brand, digital, campaign and moving image.

We looked at our name and it felt that we had outgrown it to a certain extent. Everything is my Design has always caused us some problems to be honest. Many people can’t remember what we are called. We have been called Everything is their Design, is your Design, is my own Design, is all the Design – the list goes on. Often when we meet someone we say our name and then have to repeat it. It isn’t very memorable and it’s too difficult to say.

We agreed that our name needed to change.

We also re-evaluated what we want the agency to be, to look like, how we wanted to sound and come across to the world. We wrote down key questions:

—How can we become better?
—How can our services/offering become better/stronger?
—What type of client do we want?
—How big do we want to be?
—How can we do things differently?

We had outgrown Everything is my Design’s meaning and it began to increasingly feel less like us.


The name Everything is a clear evolution from Everything is my Design. Our new name sums up what we can do. We now have a much stronger offering than we did when we set up over four years ago. Over the past 12 months we have taken on a growing amount of new business and began working with new clients and in new sectors and believe the new name is a much better representation of our personality. As the type of work we’re doing currently is quite an even split between design, brand, digital, campaign and moving image and we were keen to make people aware of this.

Our legal name is unchanged. It will still say Everything is my Design Limited on estimates and invoices but how we talk about ourselves, how we will become known, is as Everything.

It sounds and feels more like us now. You might think removing three words isn’t a radical change but for us it feels like it is. It instantly makes us sound more professional and focused. It sounds confident and iconic.

We have future plans to expand the team and enhance our offering further. We want to continue working in collaboration with creative talent on a project to project basis and we want them to be a part of Everything too.

Everything we do is for our clients and to help them become better, and for us to become better at the same time. Everything we do is a challenge, Everything we do is exciting. Everything we do is fun. And we want to ensure that Everything we do continues to be the best work that we have ever done.

Mickey Devine,
Creative Director