North of England Children’s Cancer Ride

North of England Children’s Cancer Ride

Everything’s designer Joe Gill recently took part in the first North of England Children’s Cancer Ride to raise money to fund research into more effective and less toxic treatments for children’s cancer.

When North of England Children’s Cancer Research Fund formed in 1979, eight out of ten children diagnosed with cancer would not survive. Since then we have come a long way, with over 75% of children now surviving childhood cancer. Donations of around £15 could pay for a blood sample while raising up to £250 would allow for a small scale gene screening to match a child to the correct trial while £10,000 could supply a laboratory with the chemicals for scientists to research new therapies for a year.

On Sunday 30 June, members of the North East design community came together to help raise money for this cause by cycling a 22 mile route from Newcastle Quayside to Wylam in Northumberland. Joe shares his motivation for doing the ride:

“It is easy as a designer to get stuck in the studio working long hours to tight deadlines. And this can result in avoiding any or all exercise and even forgetting what the countryside looks and smells like. It is important that we come together sometimes to make sure our legs still work and discuss things other than work, especially when its for a good cause.

In GraphicDesign&’s recent survey of the creative industry they found that 78% of designers work longer hours than they are paid, and that this can affect well being, including the chances of having a heart attack increasing by 60% for those who work more than 10 hours a day. Also, not getting enough sunlight and being under artificial light can reduce your average amount of sleep by 46 minutes a night and the sleep you do get has increased restlessness (Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine).

It was great to find out more about the charity leading up to and during the ride and realise how important a cause it is, as I was originally completely unaware of the shocking childhood cancer statistics. You can still help donate to the great cause that is North East Children Cancer Research at my JustGiving page, any help would be gratefully appreciated.

I’d like to also give a special congratulations to the nine year old kid who beat me to the finish, I feel like I have a long way yet before the Tour de France.”