New client – Workplace Foundation


Workplace Foundation

Everything was recently commissioned to create a new identity and brand development for Workplace Foundation – a new charity based in Gateshead.

Workplace Foundation is founded by Workplace, a commercial gallery which was started in 2003 by a group of artists in the North East of England. Workplace Foundation supports emerging and under-represented artists with a specific commitment to UK art scenes outside of London.

With the belief that given the right support outstanding contemporary art can flourish anywhere, Workplace has created a successful business representing a core group of artists by developing their careers and introducing their work to the international art world.

Workplace Foundation is building on the success of Workplace by working on behalf of a new generation of artists and the wider community.

To date we have produced a flexible identity system which is highly creative, energetic and adaptable. It has a fresh, audience appropriate feel that represents the drive and passion of the charity while also reflecting the wide variety of work produced by the young artists.

We have also realigned the Workplace brand architecture giving both entities a visual cohesion which conveys a shared vision.

Other materials that we are working on include the Workplace Foundation website, a Patrons Pack and the overall look and feel of the Foundation going forward. We really can’t wait to fully reveal this one.