New client – Tyneside Cinema

New client – Tyneside Cinema

Recently, Everything were successful in winning a tender to work with Tyneside Cinema.

We were appointed to explore and define a new brand architecture to translate across this multi-layered venue. With such a diverse audience and current brands including Tyneside Cinema, Tyneside Coffee Rooms, Tyneside Bar Cafe, Vicolo and Projections, we are looking to create a much more aligned and coherent approach to their communications.

As the North East’s leading independent cinema and digital arts venue, Tyneside Cinema is located in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne and welcomes almost 500,000 people into its building every year.

Tyneside Cinema is a hugely important piece of history locally and nationally. Originally built as Newcastle’s News Theatre in 1937, today Tyneside Cinema is the only purpose-built newsreel theatre in the UK still operating as a cinema.

So maintaining their authenticity throughout the communications will be key.

When Everything set up in 2013, we highlighted Tyneside Cinema as a dream client on our shortlist, so we are all overjoyed to finally be working with them. This goes to show what passion and expertise can lead to!

So far, we have facilitated an intensive research phase to help us really get under the skin of the organisation. This has included brand audit, tours, site visits, competitor analysis, questionnaires, focus groups and speaking with hundreds of people involved with Tyneside Cinema. It has been a fascinating process to date.

A full case study can be expected later in the year.