Creating value for VONNE

images of vonne annual review

Everything recently had the pleasure of creating a range of materials for voluntary organisations network VONNE.

When founding our agency in 2013, we always had a strong desire to create inventive and valuable work in the social change, voluntary and charitable sectors. We believed we could help organisations to raise awareness and present themselves in a professional, consistent and impactful way. We also knew we could do this regardless of financial constraints and budgetary challenges.

To do this, we work to get under the skin of the organisation. We find its beating heart and empathise with its mission, its values and its vision. This means we can propose an overarching solution to implement the organisations marketing activity that is cost effective yet highly successful.

Often this process involves giving an organisation a robust and flexible set of tools to achieve their wide ranging goals. Such was the case for VONNE, the North East’s leading network for voluntary organisations. VONNE are a championing voice for over 1,000 member charities, voluntary organisations, community groups, networks and social enterprises in the North East. VONNE works tirelessly to represent their sector through research, information giving, support, engagement and collaboration.

Everything was approached by VONNE at a time of dynamic change as the organisation moved to a new membership model. VONNE wanted to show their audience how they would offer further value and increased commitment to their members.


images of vonne annual review

Annual Review

After detailed discussion it was decided that there would be a refresh of the visual personality of the VONNE brand. Our first piece of work was to redesign their annual review. Annual reviews are an important tool for a lot of organisations as they are a simple but highly effective way of showing impact. They celebrate achievements and convey key information to stakeholders. They are also a key opportunity to inform audiences of the organisational mission for the coming year.

We used the design of this widely distributed document to introduce the refreshed and developed VONNE brand styling. This allowed VONNE to reintroduce themselves to their audience with a consistent, approachable and vibrant look and feel. The review successfully represented the support VONNE gives its members with a design that amplified the organisations strong and passionate voice.  


images of vonne banner stands

Exhibition Materials

This refreshed styling was then implemented across a suite of materials. These were designed with longevity and flexibility firmly in mind. Items included bespoke iconography, pop up banners, postcards, printed and digital materials.


images of vonne social media assets

Social Media Assets

These materials also included a comprehensive set of social media graphics which promoted VONNE’s diverse range of service areas. These assets were created as templates to ensure VONNE staff had the ability to produce content when required.


images of vonne twitter page

Everything provided VONNE with a comprehensive and cost effective solution. The organisation now has an adaptable and successful set of tools they can use to raise awareness of their work and provide information to members.

If you’d like to find out more about how Everything can provide effective solutions for clients across the arts, culture, commercial and social change sectors, we would love to hear from you.