Tyneside Cinema is an icon of British Film History. Through its passionate programming, inclusive and welcoming spaces, and dedication to enriching lives through film, Tyneside Cinema has been a haven for creativity, curiosity, and community in Newcastle for over 85 years.

Everything has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Tyneside Cinema since 2018, developing the Tyneside Cinema brand and communications across a range of outputs.

The materials are wildly diverse to reflect the gamut of bold, curious, and inventive programming, events, and incentives. This has been an undertaking as epic as the films the cinema screens, creating a constant stream of materials for the cinema itself, its food and beverage outlets and charity.

In the summer, Everything created a campaign to promote discounted ticket prices in the cinema to encourage the re-engagement and dialogue with previous guests, friends and donors who may not have returned since re-opening in August last year, as well as target a new audience.

Our solution was to create a typographic style that was loosely based on the ‘summer of love’. By adapting the typography, we created a campaign that stood out from anything else seen locally, and that helped boost ticket sales dramatically.