Northern Stage is one of the UK’s most iconic and trailblazing producing theatre companies. Both at their Newcastle home and on tour, Northern Stage is famed for its bold, community-led ethos and tireless dedication to captivating audiences with provocative and invigorating performances, razor sharp writing and world-class production values from the best established and upcoming talent in the industry.

Working closely with Northern Stage’s Artistic Director and Marketing team, Everything developed the Northern Stage brand across all communications, including a pioneering new season, ‘This is Family’. ‘This is Family’ marked a bold new era that takes the rich heritage and legacy of Northern Stage and reinvigorates it, with a thoroughly progressive and socially conscious approach.

For ‘This is Family’, we crafted a compelling narrative and distinctive tone of voice that celebrates conversation, collaboration, and creative expression. Audiences old and new are encouraged to come together in experiencing and contributing to the unique and exhilarating world of Northern Stage.

We also worked to evolve the wider Northern Stage brand, making it more playful and diverse and more deeply representative of the organisation’s core values, while still retaining its inherent authenticity and credibility. From Cinderella to Macbeth, a simple and bold application encourages curiosity, celebrating the unique personality of each production while still being unmistakably Northern Stage.

Thanks to Natalie, Jen, Amy, Lauren, and the rest of the Northern Stage team for their dedication and partnership in this creative journey.