Friendkit is a ground-breaking toolkit and training resource which empowers people with learning disabilities to forge and maintain new friendships. Everything collaborated with Friends Action to craft the Friendkit brand identity, encompassing a range of training programmes, a user-friendly website, thoughtfully designed packaging, and an immersive board game.

Our journey began with extensive research, leading us to a pivotal insight: that incorporating a human touch into the brand would be instrumental in helping people form meaningful relationships. As a result, we introduced four endearing brand mascots who serve as the heart-warming ambassadors of Friendkit. These mascots embody the qualities found in strong friendships: they’re fun, mischievous, charming, friendly, and always supportive.

To facilitate the learning process, we developed an engaging board game called Plan B that delves into the challenges and triumphs of meeting and maintaining friendships. Plan B draws inspiration from real-life experiences, offering a fun and educational way to navigate the intricacies of building healthy relationships.

This was complemented by a raft of on-brand materials that gives Friendkit a fun and holistic over all feel that encourages meaningful participation. These included slides, worksheets, animations and other handy resources.

The Friendkit initiative is currently making its way around the country, with the aim of positively impacting millions of lives. Join us in embracing the power of friendship through Friendkit, where innovation meets compassion.

Thanks to Sally, Sara and everyone at Friends Action North East, and Alan McDonald for the website development.